Sunday’s Charlotte Observer featured an article on The Dog Knowledge’s Service Dog Training Program!  We are the only training facility in the Southeast United States that specializes in training service dogs for mobility, seizure alert, allergen (peanut, etc.) detection, PTSD, autism, diabetic alert, etc. Read the article “Local Demand for Service Dogs Booms” here.

We have trained several dogs for the Wounded Warrior Project including a new training dog arriving soon who will aid a brave Green Beret Soldier who is an amputee through wounds suffered in Afghanistan.  All of the active duty soldiers and veterans that we have worked with have inspired us to start a non-profit, 501c division of our training, TDK – Dogs Doing Good, Inc. Please visit Dogs Doing Good for more information regarding our efforts to make service dogs affordable for the many deserving disabled.

Also you can watch the “go home” video for Truman, trained for a soldier whose deployment in Afghanistan was dealing with mortuary remains.  This gruesome task left the soldier with PTSD.  We were contacted by his commander who had heard of us through the Wounded Warrior Project, and we gladly donated our time and expertise for free to train Truman for this deserving soldier.

Watch the video of Truman’s obedience in progress:

Volunteers Needed

When the Charlotte Observer reporter asked us what others could do to help with our service dog program, our first response was that we always welcome volunteers as well as young, well behaved dogs that through circumstances need to be re-homed.
Additionally, we are excited to announce that we have a litter of promising puppies who are 8 weeks old and ready to be placed in foster, puppy raising homes to begin this first but extremely significant stage of their service dog training program.

Contact Us to Foster a Puppy Today!

GSD puppies!

Watch Us on America Now

In addition to “Local Demand for Service Dogs Booms” that appeared on Sunday in the Charlotte Observer, NBC’s America Now recently sent a crew that filmed for over 5 hours in our facility showcasing the amazing training that goes into teaching service dogs how to manipulate their environment to provide a variety of services to the disabled.

service-dogsThat feature will be aired sometime in late December or early January.  The NBC segment also addressed the issue of phony service dogs where owners buy vests and identification through the internet and pass off their dog as being a service dog so that their dog is allowed in restaurants, hotels, etc.

NBC also wanted to expose dog training facilities and dog trainers have been known to take advantage of families and individuals, especially families where a child has disabilities.  These dishonest dog trainers make claims that for an exorbitant fee, they will train a dog for emotional comfort, epileptic alert or autism.  The reasons that they select these particular disabilities is that it is very difficult to judge whether a dog is truly providing comfort to an emotionally challenged child, an autistic child and dogs trained for epileptic alert must first be trained to alert then their training is completed once they are placed in the family and experience an individual having an epileptic seizure.

Beware of false claims from unscrupulous trainers and definitely ask to see dogs that have trained to perform specific service dog tasks.

For more information on our non-profit organization devoted to service dog training, check out our website Dogs Doing Good.  We also have put together a fun video showcasing some of our service dogs in action, which you can watch below: