The Dog Knowledge saved our dog’s life.  Houston was originally a happy, hyperactive 6 month old border collie/malenois.  Because of her hyperactivity we were advised to have her trained.  The trainer recommended an E-collar(shock collar).  She learned basic obedience quickly, but began aggressive behavior toward other dogs.  We took her to the trainer again.  he said really blast her with the shock when she crouches or begins aggressive behavior toward other dogs and staged situations.

We continued to practice this method, but she was still aggressive and eventually bit someone who came into our yard.  Animal control paid us two visits; several “friends” suggested that we have her put down.  We heard the saying “once a biter, always a biter”.  Our vet recommended The Dog Knowledge, saying that Debbie had helped other patients.  At The Dog Knowledge she was not aggressive to other dogs or people.  She continued to learn basic obedience with positive reinforcement.  She has been home two days.  I have walked her past other dogs, school busses, people with no indication of aggression.  She loves her place and kennel.  We have joined the club and look forward having Houston participate in day care, boarding and additional lessons.

I cannot stress enough how much we regret having trained Houston with an E-collar.  The shock hurt her and made her afraid of other dogs and people.  She thought they were giving her the shock.  Positive reinforcement like the method used at The Dog Knowledge is the only way to go.

– Fran S.