Dog owners doing their research online come across websites and trainers who offer a 100% guaranteed training package.  So when it comes time to check out The Dog Knowledge as a training option, customers often ask, “What is your guarantee?”

Your dog is not a mechanical robot with moving parts that can be replaced, modified or fixed.  Your dog is an individual personality with feelings, complex emotions, fears, desires and many of the same motivations that drive human daily needs.

Our guarantee is simple.  We guarantee that any dog who completes our training program will come away happier with more confidence and the emotional tools to deal with our complex world.  Additionally, our guarantee is that our training program will open up a communication channel between you and your dog that will help both of you understand how best to understand what to expect from one another.  Your dog truly understanding and knowing your expectations and your ability to understand what your actions are telling your dog will enrich the relationship between you and your dog.  That’s our guarantee.  And of course because we are an established training center we will always be here to help you through any training question, refresher or problem that might arise.  Because in the end we genuinely care about every family who has trusted their dog to our care.  A trust that we don’t take lightly.

Be suspect of ANY trainer that guarantees a training package.  And ask the million dollar question.  “Does your training include the use of a shock collar?” Most trainers don’t openly share the fact that their training package includes a shock collar, stimulation collar, e-collar, etc.  However they boast that they offer a “lifetime guarantee.”  We could offer the same guarantee if all we had to do was take the dog for a couple of days and turn up the voltage.

If you have any questions as to which trainers or training facilities routinely use shock collars, please feel free to phone our office and we will be happy to discuss.

Remember that great line that says it all,

“You can teach a horse to deal cards, it’s just a matter of voltage.”