German Shepherd Finds Priceless Silver Dollar

When Michael Sheets discovered that his lucky silver dollar was missing he was devastated.  He began combing through the trash, lawn clippings, clothing, every room in the house.  But nothing.  So why was this silver dollar so important?  Michael had carried his lucky silver dollar in his pocket for 23 years.  It While Michael is not a superstitious man, throughout the years when he had a tough decision to make he would take out the silver dollar and flip it, “heads = yes and tails he declined.”  And in 23 years the flip of the coin had never failed him.  Now it was gone.

As hope was diminishing Patsi racked her brain regarding any other places they had been in the last 48 hours.  She remembered visiting The Dog Knowledge for a tour and although she couldn’t imagine that Michael could have lost it from his pocket, Patsi gave The Dog Knowledge a call.  Owner, Debbie Lange answered the phone and took down the information.  Patsi relayed to Debbie the sentimental value of the coin and asked her to please look around.

It was a quiet Sunday at The Dog Knowledge and Debbie was there working with her dog Sally.  Sally is titled in article search, search and rescue, scent detection, tracking, protection etc. although in recent years she has semi-retired.  Debbie remembered that she had recently been given a bag of old coins including silver dollars and just for fun Debbie rubbed a couple of the silver dollars together and gave Sally a good sniff and the command to find.  Sally, nose to the ground, began her usual pattern of sniffing the floor in a grid like fashion.  She finally indicated near the conference table where Debbie took a look.  Nothing.  So Debbie tried again and Sally returned to the same spot.  This time Debbie crawled under the table and just as Sally had indicated, there was the missing silver dollar.

A happy ending and an amazing dog.