From one of our members:

Hi Friends,

It is most difficult that we are looking for a new family for our two year old Goldendoodle, Cargo.  Only reason is that we have a new baby and two big dogs.  We have been blessed with more than we can handle!

Cargo came from a reputable Goldendoodle breeder in Kansas.  He is house trained and can even get the paper in the morning for a treat!  He does not shed, so his curly cream coat needs brushing and a bit of grooming.  He has a super disposition and loves children, he has been raised with 8-12 year olds.  He has also been nice with the baby!  Cargo weighs 45 lbs and is a tall pooch, resembling the body of a standard poodle.  He has a sweet personality and will like to “talk” with anyone.  Cargo is a beautiful dog and is a super pet.

Cargo has another pet, Charlie, in our home.  Charlie is a 6 year old labradoodle.  This trained Cargo to get along easily with other pets.  He has been neutered, has also been to a three week dog training camp at The Dog Knowledge in Charlotte, NC.  We are happy to report that he also has his Canine Good Citizenship Certification!  Please let us know if you are interested in having a non shedding, housetrained Goldendoodle.  He does requitre a bit of grooming maintenance!

Please contact us if you are interested!  704-365-1892 or