If you have a medium to large dog, you may very well have caught him drinking out of the ceramic fountain that we call the “toilet.”  And of course, you give the dog a disgusted look, tell him “NO” in no uncertain terms.

Remember, dogs don’t understand why the freshest, coldest water in the house – the one water supply that is regularly replenished several times a day – is off-limits.

That we object to our dogs drinking from the large, ceramic fountain we call a toilet will never be understood by the dog. So the answer, close the lid – especially if you use a toilet- cleaning tablet, which can be toxic to your dog.

More importantly, replenish your dog’s water several times a day.  My very wise grandmother once told me that a dog’s water should be replenished 5 times a day.  I won’t promise that I am that disciplined but I do replenish water several times a day whether the water bowl is empty or not.  I don’t enjoy water that has been sitting in a glass on the bedside overnight and I figure that my dogs don’t either.

– Debbie Lange, Dog Knowledge Trainer