So what does it take to get your dog in the movies?  Ask Sally’s trainer, Debbie Lange, trainer at The Dog Knowledge who is always being asked questions about the kind of training required to break into Hollywood.  “We have a lot of clients who would like their dog to become therapy dogs or to have a career in the movies.  They just have to realize that even with the smartest dog, it does take a commitment to training. However, training can be fun!!!!  It doesn’t just have to be heeling, sit and stay.  That’s why we encourage members to join our fun and games classes, clicker, etc.  It’s a little like learning the computer. Once you master one program, much of what you know can be applied to new programs.  It’s the same with opening your dog’s mind to learning and establishing clear communication.  Once a dog learns to learn, any trick or behavior can be taught relatively easily.  It’s just getting over that initial hurdle.” As for Sally, “she is an amazing dog,” trainer/owner Debbie Lange explains.  “On screen she looks ferocious.  However, in person she’s a creampuff.”  Sally is a certified service dog, performs complicated search & rescue drills, detects narcotics, peanuts.  One of her more amazing talents is article search.  In this exercise Sally is released in a field.  Her objective is to find any and all items with a human scent.  This is very helpful for law enforcement when a criminal leaves a crime scene and discards weapons or other pieces of evidence.”  “It also is handy if you’ve misplace your car keys,” chuckles Debbie.


Sally’s screen career started with the movie “The Hitcher,” a 2007 thriller.  She’s the scary scene in the most recent version of “Friday the 13th;” And best of all, she’s in a movie with Brad Pitt, “The Tree of Life” coming out in May. Next time you visit The Dog Knowledge be sure to ask Debbie to introduce Sally to you.  But don’t watch her part in “Friday the 13th” prior to visiting or you might just be nervous.